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Experience Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada and Washington County, Maine, USA

Charlotte County Museum 

The Charlotte County Museum is located in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, in the 1864 former home of prominent lumberman James Murchie. The collection, exhibits, and architectural details reflect the history, industrial development and social life of the area from its Loyalist beginnings. Guided tours offer an informative glimpse into early county life.

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  • Discover: shipbuilding, lumbering exhibits
  • Location/Address: Charlotte County Museum
    443 Milltown Boulevard, St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada E3L IJ9
  • Telephone: 506-466-3295
  • Locate on Google Maps

Roosevelt Campobello International Park  http://www.fdr.net

Unique International Memorial to Franklin D. Roosevelt and a symbol of friendship between Canada and the U.S.. Main attractions are touring FDR's summer home and hiking and bird watching in the 28,000 acre natural area.

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  • Discover: hiking, biking, walking
  • Address (Canada): Roosevelt Campobello International Park
    459 Route 774, Welshpool, New Brunswick, Canada E5E 1A4
  • Address (USA): Roosevelt Campobello International Park
    P.O. Box 129, Lubec, Maine, USA 04652
  • Telephone: 506-752-2922 | Email: info@fdr.net
  • Locate on Google Maps

Grand Manan Museum  http://www.grandmananmuseum.ca

The Grand Manan Museum showcases geology, the fishery, birdlife, lighthouses and a wide range of amazing detail about the island's First Nations, shipwrecks, education and crafts.

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Sheriff Andrews House  http://www.tourismnewbrunswick.ca/

A beautiful example of neoclassical architecture, the Sheriff Andrews House with working beehive cooking fireplace, tells of the domestic life in the seaport town in the early nineteenth century.

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  • Discover: history, people, traditional crafts
  • Location/Address: Sheriff Andrews House
    King Street, St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Telephone: 506-529-5080
  • Locate on Google Maps

Ministers Island  http://www.ministersisland.net

Discover the peace and tranquility of the summer estate of the Canadian Pacific railway's builder, Sir William Van Horne. Visit his fifty-room summer residence and other buildings, including Canada's largest architect-designed barn.

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  • Discover: architecture, tides, driving on the ocean floor, railway history
  • Location/Address: At the end of Bar Road near St. Andrews NB
    199 Carriage Road Ministers Island, NB E5B 0A4
  • Telephone: 506-529-5081
  • Locate on Google Maps

The Chocolate Museum  http://www.chocolatemuseum.ca

A “sweet”, inviting, local museum featuring historic chocolate and candy-making processes on video; antique chocolate boxes, candy-making equipment and Evangeline images; interactive computer displays; games and lots of chocolate treats!

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Ross Memorial Museum  http://www.rossmemorialmuseum.ca

St. Andrews' Ross Memorial Museum is a treasure trove of fine 19th century New Brunswick furniture, paintings and objets d'art collected from around the world‹all in one of the town's most beautiful historic houses.

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  • Discover: art, architecture, collections, antiques
  • Location/Address: Ross Memorial Museum
    188 Montague Street, St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada E5B 1J2
  • Telephone: 506-529-5124
  • Email: rossmuse@nb.aibn.com
  • Locate on Google Maps  

Kingsbrae Garden  http://www.kingsbraegarden.com

A magnificent, 27 acre public garden exhibiting both traditional and modern gardening styles, defined by 100 year old cedar hedges, enhanced by a Dutch windmill, ponds and a cedar maze. The Garden Café in the historic Edward Maxwell 1930s manor house overlooks beautiful grounds to Ministers Island and Passamaquoddy Bay.

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  • Discover: horticulture, art, architecture
  • Location/Address: Kingsbrae Horticulture Garden
    220 King Street St Andrews New Brunswick, Canada E5B 1Y8
  • Telephone: 506-529-3335 | Toll-free: 866-566-8687
  • Email: kinghort@nb.aibn.com
  • Locate on Google Maps

St. Andrews Blockhouse - National Historic Site of Canada  http://www.pc.gc.ca/lhn-nhs/nb/standrews/index_e.asp

Built for the war of 1812, St Andrews Blockhouse National Historic Site is one of the few existing wooden structures of its type left in North America.

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  • Discover: history, military
  • Location/Address: St. Andrews Blockhouse
    Joes Point Road, St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada  

Saint Croix Island - International Historic Site  http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng//lhn-nhs/nb/stcroix/index.aspx

Saint Croix Island is a National Monument and an International Historic Site.  It is the site of Pierre Dugua's first attempt at settlement in North America, which led to the establishment of permanent colonies of Acadie and New France.  The Canadian interpretation site is located at Bayside, near St. Andrews, and overlooks the Island, which is located in the middle of the Saint Croix River.

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  • Discover: history
  • Location/Address (Canada): Highway 127, Bayside, 5 minutes from St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Location/Address (USA): U.S. Route 1, six miles south of Calais, Maine, USA
  • Be sure to visit the US Interpretive Site for St. Croix Island found on the opposite side of the Island just across the St. Croix River in Maine - http://www.nps.gov/sacr
  • Locate on Google Maps

Charlotte County Archives, The Old Gaol, and The Charlotte County Courthouse  http://www.ccarchives.ca

Visitors are invariably impressed by the 'Old Gaol' (1832-1979), its atmosphere, and this harsh view of what life in prison would have been like. This designated Heritage Site now houses the Charlotte County Archives, a veritable goldmine of local historical information. Tours are also available of the stately Courthouse next door (1840) during July and August.

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  • Discover: ancestors, genealogy, history
  • Location/Address: Charlotte County Archives
    123 Frederick Street, St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada E5B 1Z1
  • Telephone: 506-529-4248
  • Locate on Google Maps

Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre  http://www.sunburyshores.org

Since its beginning in 1964, Sunbury Shores has played a key role in the development of a strong arts community in St. Andrews through the execution of a unique mandate - to explore the connections between art and nature.

The centre contains artists' studios, print shop, pottery studio, exhibition gallery and nature room. Since 2005, the centre has provided local schoolchildren with free art instruction during the school year through the CLASS (Children Learning At Sunbury Shores) program.

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Beaver Harbour Archives & Museum  http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/

Visit the Beaver Harbour Archives and Museum to discover the history of Beaver Harbour and surrounding area.  Learn how the village was settled in 1783 by the Quakers and the Empire Loyalists, and discover more about our local sardine history. 

Located in a former airport building from the Second World War, you can explore our collection of artifacts, read a book about the founding families from Beaver Harbour or view a film about the local factories in the area.

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McAdam Railway Station  http://www.mcadamstation.ca

Built in 1900, the McAdam Railway Station is a National and Provincial Historic site and a designated Heritage Railway Station.  It is also an active museum, offering tours catered meals, conference facilities, and much more.  Come on in and take a tour; it's a story of railroad history when riding the rail was the only way to travel!

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